Finland Day 2 – Merry Christmas

Day two in Helsinki has been a wonderful Christmas! We started by sleeping in to adjust to the time change, then enjoyed a relaxing day around the house. Not staying in a hotel was a brilliant decision, I have to say. The apartment had a few decorations left by the owner and we added a gingerbread house that we decorated before dinner. Santa Claus found us here, which makes sense since they say he is from Finland. So there were a few presents to open, including some great hockey books “Hockey Night Fever” by Stephen Cole and “100 Things Sabres Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die” by Sal Maiorana. That will make for some pleasurable vacation reading. Overall a great day to prepare for the start of the tournament tomorrow. We will need to conquer finding some groceries and master the mass transit here as well. Should be a fun day after Christmas! 



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