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Grab the money or the ring?

With the World Cup of Hockey on the horizon I have heard the term ‘money grab’ thrown around a lot. While there are some aspects of the tournament that warrant criticism, I don’t understand the vitriol from many. By locating the event only in Toronto and charging high ticket prices I get that there will

Draft Aftermath

The 2016 NHL entry draft has come and gone. The big trades that were rumored did not occur. This week is the free agency talking period in which teams can communicate with unrestricted free agents, but not make them a contract offer until July 1. With that it will be a wait and see week

Expansion: the NHL’s obesity problem

So here we are again, time for the NHL to expand. Purpose: easy money as always. Oh wait, the politcally correct answer is ‘to grow the game’ and treat the world to the great sport of hockey. Sorry I let reality seep in there for a moment. To go along with the fantasy world, Mr.

Stamkos Watch

Seen Stamkos?!? Well his banker will soon and he will have a lot of work to do. First off, if you play the odds, the Tampa Bay Lightning still have the best chance to sign him. Familiarity, success, and tax benefits all factor in to make Tampa the favorite. Also, while most view Steve Yzerman

Is 18 the new 19?

Traditionally the NHL entry draft has even the top players coming from their junior, college, or European backgrounds with only token World Junior Championship experience at best. However, this year 6 of the top 9 prospects not only played at the WJC, but played major roles for their respective countries. With the state of the

Stanley Cup Finalists

The entire season now culminates with two teams fighting for four wins to claim Lord Stanley’s Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins open up at home versus the San Jose Sharks on Memorial Day. The way these playoffs have unfolded this appears to be a very even battle between East and West. Each team had a 5

Do you feel lucky?

So the Draft Lottery is done and the 2016 draft will see Toronto #1, Winnipeg #2, and Columbus #3 – while Buffalo stays at #8. The Oilers and Canucks fell 2 spots and the Flames fell 1. Getting into the top 3 in this draft is huge, so Winnipeg is obviously happy. For me, I

McEichel meet EichDavid

Last night the NHL saw its first meeting of Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid, the two top selections in the 2015 draft. It was a sloppy affair between 2 of the NHL’s cellar dwellers held the day after Trade Deadline Day, so not unexpected really. The Sabres just returned from a road trip on which

D-Day Reax

Time to reflect on Trade Deadline Day on this Leap Day 2016. Most of all though, let’s look at the last week or so and evaluate how teams have set themselves up for the playoffs or the future. Winners Anaheim – got a couple of useful forwards for low prices. SInce Christmas this team has

Trading, Building, or Tanking

There has been a frenzy of buzzwords tossed around the last couple of years about ‘generational talents’ and ‘tanking’ for the right to draft them. Articles and quotes filled with accusations and disgust, along with even more proposed changes to the new age lottery system are regular occurrences. Why all the focus on this? Looking