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Sabres Camp is open

After a successful first annual Buffalo Prospects Tournament for the Sabres, the veterans reported today. Some Day 1 comments from players here. With the young players coming off good performances it should be a great start to camp with the vets. This years team will be MUCH more fun to watch than last years version.

Online Assist

There is now a menu with links to other hockey sites and leagues on Check it out on the right side below the Tweets. If you want to find European teams, click on Champions Hockey League and then click on Clubs on their site, it will bring up a nice menu of almost all the

September faceoffs

Hockey is getting going and leagues are moving from camp to regular season games. The QMJHL gets underway TODAY. You will have to wait 2 more weeks for the OHL & WHL to start playing for real. However the fight for the #1 and 2 picks in the 2016 NHL draft may go on exclusively

World of Wonder

So the next World Cup of Hockey is about a year away. Personally I am excited about this due to the format changes that have been made. Some complain that it will never be more than an exhibition, but that is all it ever was anyway. Just because we had a Cold War lens to

Rule changes needed

In talking about Carey Price in the last post I touched on how the game is played and coached and why team defenses provide a much more stable environment for a goalie than they used to. One of these environmental changes is shot blocking. I thought the rule change concept Bob Gainey presented a few

The Price is Wrong

I returned home from vacation last week and found The Hockey News Yearbook in my mailbox with their annual Top 50 players feature. Number 1 on their list is Carey Price, this coming a couple months after the love fest for Price that was the NHL Awards. Carey Price is not the top player in

Plante Ponderings

Yesterday I retweeted an @IIHFHockey story on Derek Plante coaching Team USA in the @HlinkaMemorial tournament. Today I wanted to recount some Plante memories because he is one of those guys that was not a Sabre for that long, but gave us some vivid moments in the mid-1990’s. First his rookie season where he propped

Finland Bound

This is the first post on the Gilbert Portland hockey blog and it is a big one. To celebrate a milestone birthday this year I will be traveling to Helsinki, Finland for the entire 2016 World Junior Championship. It will be awesome to experience some European culture, see a great tournament, and watch some 2016