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Tournament Time for the NHL?

With the 2016 World Cup of Hockey complete we can look back on a successful tournament for the NHL and the players. There is much to talk about with the actual event itself, but I have one idea that I have been talking about for years that this event perfectly illustrates. The topic is putting

Grab the money or the ring?

With the World Cup of Hockey on the horizon I have heard the term ‘money grab’ thrown around a lot. While there are some aspects of the tournament that warrant criticism, I don’t understand the vitriol from many. By locating the event only in Toronto and charging high ticket prices I get that there will

Online Assist

There is now a menu with links to other hockey sites and leagues onĀ Check it out on the right side below the Tweets. If you want to find European teams, click on Champions Hockey League and then click on Clubs on their site, it will bring up a nice menu of almost all the

World of Wonder

So the next World Cup of Hockey is about a year away. Personally I am excited about this due to the format changes that have been made. Some complain that it will never be more than an exhibition, but that is all it ever was anyway. Just because we had a Cold War lens to