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Sabres Free Agent Shopping List

As the Sabres reap the benefit of a first overall pick and add a franchise D-man to go with two recent #2 forward selections they now need to look toward free agency to increase their chances to improve in the standings in the 2018-19 season. With the Colorado Avalanche trading for Philipp Grubauer from the

Pickin’ and a Grinnin’

With 2 picks in for the Buffalo Sabres and a bit of a wait until number 3 this draft is a great success so far. As with the first overall pick, the first pick of the second round also combined the best available player with the greatest organizational need. Many players are about equal at

Swedish chicken wing

In honor of Buffalo about to select Rasmus Dahlin first overall we added a Swedish Chicken Wing to the menu tonight! Being from Buffalo, any awesome sports moment requires chicken wings and since it is summer we cooked them on the grill. A simple Swedish chicken recipe was the inspiration for this wing: The Swedes

Best player meet greatest need

It really is uncommon for the best player available to match perfectly with the greatest organizational need, even for the cellar dwellers that have the #1 pick. It is truly rare for that to happen when player and need are an NHL defenseman. Fortunately for the Buffalo Sabres that is where fate finds them at

Something is Off with Offsides

Now that the NHL is in the replay challenge era it has become apparent to me that offsides needs to be rethought in both the technical aspect and the challenge process.  As so many replays of offside plays have been looked at this season and playoffs, they show the absurdity of the current rule requiring

Sabres Lack Lottery Luck

Tonight the NHL held the draft lottery for the 2017 Entry Draft. Once again the Sabres were in the running due to a non-playoff finish and once again they did not win. Not only that, but their position feel by 2 spots to #8 overall. This is not a very strong draft, so there should

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday I had a fever and the only cure was more Eichel! The game versus the Leafs was an emphatic statement of what Jack can do when he brings everything he has. Since his late start to the season he has been very good and put up a point per game, a lot of shots,

Capital Coup

So the 2017 NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone. This one was a yawner. Not as many deals as usual and those that were made lacked significance for the most part. The big winner this year is the Washington Capitals. FEBRUARY 27: St. Louis Blues trade D Kevin Shattenkirk and G Pheonix Copley to

Sunday Slap Shots

As I enjoy the Sabres v Canucks tonight, it just reminds me of the pitiful scheduling the NHL has these days. I don’t know why the changes over the years, but I much preferred the heavy rotation being Wednesday-Friday-Sunday. Nowadays Tuesday is the busiest night of the week. When has anyone said, “oh boy Tuesday

Tournament Time for the NHL?

With the 2016 World Cup of Hockey complete we can look back on a successful tournament for the NHL and the players. There is much to talk about with the actual event itself, but I have one idea that I have been talking about for years that this event perfectly illustrates. The topic is putting