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McEichel meet EichDavid

Last night the NHL saw its first meeting of Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid, the two top selections in the 2015 draft. It was a sloppy affair between 2 of the NHL’s cellar dwellers held the day after Trade Deadline Day, so not unexpected really. The Sabres just returned from a road trip on which

D-Day Reax

Time to reflect on Trade Deadline Day on this Leap Day 2016. Most of all though, let’s look at the last week or so and evaluate how teams have set themselves up for the playoffs or the future. Winners Anaheim – got a couple of useful forwards for low prices. SInce Christmas this team has

Trading, Building, or Tanking

There has been a frenzy of buzzwords tossed around the last couple of years about ‘generational talents’ and ‘tanking’ for the right to draft them. Articles and quotes filled with accusations and disgust, along with even more proposed changes to the new age lottery system are regular occurrences. Why all the focus on this? Looking

Trade Market Comes to Life

Finally the NHL trade market has shown signs of life this week! There were two big deals earlier this week. First Vinny Lecavalier and Luke Schenn were sent from Philly to LA. The Kings get 2 more big players to fit into their heavy game and make another Cup run. They are already having a

Sabres Slump

With my trip to Finland I was not able to watch all the Sabres games due to the time difference and being at the World Juniors. However, I watched all the condensed games on NHL GameCenter since my return. Unfortunately the Sabres are on a 6 game losing streak right now, with an afternoon date

You must be dreaming

Here is an update to this post that I wanted to get in before 2015 is out. I wrote the below to The Hockey News also and received a reply from their Senior Editor. He agreed with the assessment below and stated that it was an oversight on their part. Somehow Mike Ramsey slipped through

Know your role

This was a great example of guys not doing (or not knowing) their jobs. The fourth line could have had a huge impact in this game. It is very frustrating to have Foligno and Deslauriers in the lineup and not playing physically. Spark our team, frustrate theirs, at least make your presence known. There is

No McShowdown

Tonight was supposed to be the night of the first NHL regular season meeting between Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid, but with McDavid being injured we will not get to see that matchup between the top two picks of the 2015 NHL Draft. Early returns show that Eichel is a solid all around rookie, understanding

Sabres Prospect Report

The Rochester Americans were in Portland, Maine today to face the Pirates in a Halloween afternoon AHL contest. To start with, overall the game had its changes in momentum. The first was a fairly even period with Portland scoring and the Amerks having a goal disallowed. In the second Rochester really came on as evidenced

The way hockey should be

There was a good number of goals in all the games last night, but the Washington at Edmonton contest was a hugely entertaining game with a 7-4 final. Anyone who says a 2-1 game is more exciting than that is crazy. If people like close, low scoring games, then soccer is  for them. The only