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Something is Off with Offsides

Now that the NHL is in the replay challenge era it has become apparent to me that offsides needs to be rethought in both the technical aspect and the challenge process.  As so many replays of offside plays have been looked at this season and playoffs, they show the absurdity of the current rule requiring

Tournament Time for the NHL?

With the 2016 World Cup of Hockey complete we can look back on a successful tournament for the NHL and the players. There is much to talk about with the actual event itself, but I have one idea that I have been talking about for years that this event perfectly illustrates. The topic is putting

Online Assist

There is now a menu with links to other hockey sites and leagues onĀ Check it out on the right side below the Tweets. If you want to find European teams, click on Champions Hockey League and then click on Clubs on their site, it will bring up a nice menu of almost all the

Rule changes needed

In talking about Carey Price in the last post I touched on how the game is played and coached and why team defenses provide a much more stable environment for a goalie than they used to. One of these environmental changes is shot blocking. I thought the rule change concept Bob Gainey presented a few