Plante Ponderings

Yesterday I retweeted an @IIHFHockey story on Derek Plante coaching Team USA in the @HlinkaMemorial tournament. Today I wanted to recount some Plante memories because he is one of those guys that was not a Sabre for that long, but gave us some vivid moments in the mid-1990’s. First his rookie season where he propped up the team with his scoring, so much so that he gave up his dream of playing in the Olympics to stay and help the Sabres make the playoffs. One of the great quotes of Buffalo broadcasting came during his career when it was said, “Plante should remember that thing in his hand is a weapon.” Meaning he should use his stick to make some space and protect himself. Then a few years later he scored the overtime goal that eliminated Ottawa in Game 7. I was in Section 307 when he skated over the far blueline and let his shot go. Nice to see him still going and working with USA Hockey.

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