Kiitos, Finns!

That means thank you!

This week the last of the tickets for the World Junior Championship in Finland arrived. This was a European adventure in itself: from first going through the entire online process only to be repeatedly denied (you have to pick each game separately because they are not selling any packages, there is a strict time limit and fees for more than one order, and then of course they don’t take American credit cards over the Internet silly, but not that it states that anywhere), international phone call #1 to get put on an electronic white list which probably does not exist, then ordering by phone only to have their computer crash and end up receiving half the tickets, wait a couple weeks though because they don’t just process your order right away, that would be too simple. So finally after a few months, several international phone calls, and an international wire transfer – we have tickets to all games!

I starred the seat maps below to show the sections we got. Some are balcony level, but neither arena is that big, so in 8,000 and 13,000 seat arenas they all should be good seats.

Air and accommodations were already booked, so now with the tickets the adventure is ready to begin in December!


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