Heading for Home

Thursday was a travel day. We checked out, had a nice lunch, then boarded our bus for the airport. Our 5+ hour flight had a little turbulence at the southern tip of Greenland, but was otherwise uneventful.  Some new movies were added to their system since our flight 2 weeks ago so I was able to enjoy Black Mass and Sicario. Once landed at Logan we waded through the most inconvenient customs and passport lines of the trip. We were still able to make our bus and rode off to Maine. Compliments to Concord Coach Lines! They run such a good service between Maine and Boston, it was a pleasure to climb aboard, grab a complimentary water and pretzels, and then find out the movie was The Princess Bride. Such a nice ride back. 

It was great to get home and sleep in our own bed. Now with three days left in our vacation we will get readjusted to the time here and enjoy the weekend. 

This will be the last travelogue post. Now the Gilbert Portland website and Twitter feed will get back to a hockey focus. 



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