Saturday Night Fever

Saturday I had a fever and the only cure was more Eichel!

The game versus the Leafs was an emphatic statement of what Jack can do when he brings everything he has. Since his late start to the season he has been very good and put up a point per game, a lot of shots, etc., but every element of his game was on display against Toronto. First an elite one timer and later an accurate sweep shot, along with an assist. His overall physical game was dominant as he shrugged off defenders on multiple occasions. As he grows into his frame in the seasons to come he will gain even more veteran NHLer strength and he may become as close as one can get to unstoppable in the league today. 

Some people wonder why I watch a non-playoff team this late in the season and seeing development of the young players is why. Hopefully these growth spurts become the norm going forward and Jack’s attitude of wanting to perform and not settling are key. Trying to compare him is becoming difficult with examples like that. Sometimes he seems like he could be Toews-like, but that appears to be underselling him. Toews does not have all of these tools. The sky is the limit and hopefully management can add to the D and surround him with talent to achieve greatness. 

Now we will see what tonight holds versus the Florida Panthers. At least it is in Buffalo so we don’t have to watch all those empty seats.

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