Pickin’ and a Grinnin’

With 2 picks in for the Buffalo Sabres and a bit of a wait until number 3 this draft is a great success so far. As with the first overall pick, the first pick of the second round also combined the best available player with the greatest organizational need. Many players are about equal at the 32 slot this year, but going for a player that has size and hockey sense is a safe move. Picking 2 defensemen really helps solidify the blueline of the future. To further help the 2018-19 blueline one free agent should be on the shopping list. Rasmus Dahlin should have immediate impact, but Mattias Samuelsson will likely need some time to develop. He is currently committed to Western Michigan University and he could also go the major junior route. Added to Ristolainen, Guhle, Borgen and veterans like Bogosian, the Sabres D has some good building blocks now, much improved from a year ago looking to the future. Now to translate the future to the present.

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