Mariners Fall in First Game

Tonight the Maine Mariners played their first regular season game in team history, falling 6-3 to the Adirondack Thunder. It was my first ECHL game and for a franchise in the low minors, the Mariners management is doing things right. With hockey gone from this market for too long I jumped in right off the bat and got a pair of season tickets as soon as they were available earlier this year.

The Mariners got down 3-0 and looked nervous in the first period. They got better as the game went along and had some strong chances in the third period. Their 3rd goal was a thing of beauty by Alex Kile.

New York Rangers draft pick Brandon Halverson started in goal and definitely fought the puck early on. He settled in later, but the damage was done. Another NHL draft pick on the squad is Brycen Martin, a Buffalo Sabres prospect. He got in a fight, inexplcialby called as 4 minutes for roughing, to try and spark the team.

Game #1 was disappointing as a loss, but overall was a fun experience. From a mid-winter open house to this weeks Meet the Mariners event the team has been reaching out to fans. Hopefully this group of players who have never played together before will bond as a group and get in a groove as teammates. It will be fun to watch them develop as the season goes on.

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