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Is 18 the new 19?

Traditionally the NHL entry draft has even the top players coming from their junior, college, or European backgrounds with only token World Junior Championship experience at best. However, this year 6 of the top 9 prospects not only played at the WJC, but played major roles for their respective countries. With the state of the

Kiitos, Finns!

That means thank you! This week the last of the tickets for the World Junior Championship in Finland arrived. This was a European adventure in itself: from first going through the entire online process only to be repeatedly denied (you have to pick each game separately because they are not selling any packages, there is

Online Assist

There is now a menu with links to other hockey sites and leagues onĀ gilbertportland.com Check it out on the right side below the Tweets. If you want to find European teams, click on Champions Hockey League and then click on Clubs on their site, it will bring up a nice menu of almost all the